Our name & logo

Our name and logo (representing a trireme) has been derived from ancient classical Greek mythology,

When Jason went on his epic journey in search of the Golden Fleece he mainly travelled by sea in a ship called ARGO (Argos is even today still an existing ancient city located in the Peloponnese in modern day Greece).

The ship had magical powers and it’s basic structures and design, even by modern maritime standards,  represented excellence in ability and performance (we are also constantly in pursuit of this as well).


Our credo and believs

Ordinary people with extraordinary dedication

Gewone mense met buitegewone toewyding

We always keep all our clients interests at heart but subscribe to the belief that the bitterness and results of poor quality and incorrect decisions linger longer than the joy of obtaining insurance based on the yardstick of lowest premiums only.



  • On previous occasions we have received national awards in recognition of excellence and achievement
  • Whilst the norm in the insurance industry is that a broker of our size would normally have ± 4/5 professional indemnity claims per year we have had only 1 (one) in over 30 years!!!!  (this says it all and is tangible proof of the statements made and what we aspire to be   -   need we say more?)