As an authorized Financial Services Provider, Argo Insurance Brokers CC has been licensed by the Financial Services Board in terms of the FAIS Act, to render advice and intermediary services on:

 ◊  Short Term Insurance Personal lines

 ◊  Short Term Insurance Commercial lines

  • We are accredited and have written authority to market the products of the following product suppliers:

◊  Auto & Genral Insurance Company Limited 

◊  Santam Insurance Company Limited

◊  S.A. Underwriting Agencies (PTY)Ltd.

◊  Affinity Underwriters

◊  Claredon Transport Underwriters       


Our experience has taught us over the years that it is often a waste to obtain numerous quotes because we often know, based on your requirements, what will suit you the best and hence we can straight away go to the best choice without confusing the issue.

Argo Insurance Brokers CC act independently from any of the abovementioned product suppliers and as such the product supplier will not accept responsibility for the actions of Argo Insurance Brokers CC.

Clients must be aware of their own responsibility in the presentation of full and correct information and the making of carefully considered decisions in the financial service process.

  • Details of the product and all conditions relating thereto are contained in your policy wording. It is however vital that you read the policy which is your contract with insurers and may contain specific terms for your insurance. Please advise us of any aspect which requires further explanation or which is incorrect.
  • Ensure that you receive written confirmation of important changes in cover and advice provided to you.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us should you believe that you have not received adequate advice or if you are unsure of the advice you have received.
  • Please take note of your debit date to pay premium and take note of the fact that no cover will apply if no premium was received.